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A New Year's Family Gift for you.

With the new year please take 15 minutes to deliberate about your family and what good things you want for them in 2015.   Call them, see them, email them.  

Six things the happiest families have in common

TEA Party Americans care.  

1.  PRO American workers.  An estimated 12 million illegal aliens are inside the USA doing the work Americans used to do.   Aproximately 15 million American citizens are unemployed.  What do you think oversupply of illegal immigrant workers does to wage rates?   

Call congress and demand that our immigration laws be enforced.  Jail time  and or fines for Employers of illegal labor.   Illegals don't hurt Americans as much as the EMPLOYERS that hire cheap illegal labor hurt AMERICANS.

2.  PRO better schools.   Washington D.C.'s intrusion into every neighborhood school in the nation now operates behind a thin veil called "common core standards".    It is in fact top down Washington control of the testing and curriculum inside our local schools.  Common Core is a nationwide homogenization of education resulting in loss of free thinking and creativity of both teachers and students.  Promote home rule, put families and taxpayers in charge of our schools.  STOP Common Core, it hurts our children, it hurts our nation’s future.

3.  PRO individual freedom and liberty.   The National Security Agency (NSA) collecting data on every American, monitoring our emails, collecting everyone’s cell phone calling list,  collecting your emails lists of friends and associations.  The Patriot act is now the Spy on Americans Act.   Government out of control.    To those who say "I have nothing to hide".  Really?   Please contact us and provide the passwords to your email accounts and allow us to publish anything we think might be interesting... you have 'nothing to hide or fear'.  STOP the domestic Spying., government workers do not need to have access to your private emails and contacts lists.

A free people will remain free only if they put chains of restrain on the government.   Left unopposed government bureaucrats would control every aspect of our life if they could.  Do you know that under Obamacare the Government requires your doctor to send every detail of your health records to a federal government run database?   Do YOU want government bureaucrats need to know everything about your health?     It’s about Control.

We the TEA are the courageous Americans fighting to secure the freedom of all Americans including those that simply don't have the vision, interest or ability to protect their own freedom. 

Choose to be a free men or women standing up without apology in support of the liberty our Founders secured for us and inscribed in the Constitution.  Each generation of Americans has the responsibility to protect and pass on freedom to the next.  If not us, who?


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